Healthy Weight loss

After almost 16 years as a professional Realtor®, I’ve created some new paths for myself.  One such path has emerged as a result of some life events.   I’ve had a transformation; not only physically but mentally and emotionally too.  The past couple years have allowed me to feel what it feels like to get healthy.  Something I never imagined possible for me.  Can you relate, years of thinking I was doing the right thing but the facts showed I wasn’t.  Years of following what others told me was the right way, but it wasn’t.  And boy does it feel good!

I have committed to making a change and lead a healthier and happier life.  I’ve decided to structure my life around making healthy changes for myself and help those I love and care about do the same.  I want to lead healthy changes for my community and for the planet. My focus is on men and women who are over 50+ years of age that are looking to improve their health through nutrition and exercise

I believe in the power of networking,

I’m a poster child of weight issues AKA obesity for most of my life… My weight has controlled me.  It controlled more of my life than I really like to admit.  Because I was overweight I shied away from doing things that my heart really wanted to do.  Sad as it was there wasn’t anything that allowed me to break those chains.  Believe me, throughout my life I tried a lot of different ways!!

Then health issues set in: Osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, the onset of type II diabetes and the worse —  ‘morbid obesity’.  Aging wasn’t looking very good.  I had a total knee replaced and then I had a total hip replacement; the latter came with a devastating blow.  Nobody quite knows what went wrong with the surgery, but I was left with a damaged sciatic nerve and the ability to walk without an aid was taken away.  At first I was scared, so I followed the doctor’s advice and did their physical therapy.  It was slow and painful but I was determined. Then after a year of physical therapy they announced to me “that was as good as I was going to get”.

That’s when I became angry; because that wasn’t good enough for me.  I was still using a cane and had to be in a wheelchair if any long distance or populated walking was involved.  Needless to say my career as a real estate agent wasn’t doing very well, as showing houses was slow and very painful.

On New Year’s Eve day 2013  I met with my doctor for yet another appointment… only to hear, not only was I still afflicted with sciatica, BUT the hip (device itself) had failed.  All I heard was ‘reconstruction surgery and no guarantee on how the nerve would respond’. I shut down, it was a pretty sad evening.

So my 2014 New Year’s resolution was to try and do something, anything to turn this around. My weight was way up and my self esteem was in the tank and so was my real estate business.  

I set my mission; to start getting healthier and fitter.  I joined a wellness center here in the Triangle and found the joy of water aerobics and weight training. My goal was to do my own PT and to get the weight under control.  Yet again, even though I was religiously heading to the wellness center every day, the weight was barely bugging.

But then that September our daughter introduced us to nutritional cleansing.  She actually challenged her Dad and me.  I remember (with folded arms) saying I’d try it but those ’fad things’ don’t work.  Well, it didn’t take long for this new lifestyle to prove me wrong.  Dead wrong in my tracks!

It is the most powerful program I’ve ever experienced! I’m still on the journey, but couldn’t be more proud of the results I experience even up to today. I’m not going to tell you it’s been all perfect. No, not at all… I had to have that hip surgery revised, and with that surgery I had a stroke.  Again the Dr.’s ran every conceivable test and again everything came out normal. Again, they have no idea why I had the stroke while on the operating table.

But that was then and today is a new day.  I still start my day with an IsaShake, Ionix, and a few other healthy choices!  We also made a move to central Florida. What a delightful place to live a full and exciting life. Because of IsaGenix and Nutritional Cleansing I really do feel like I’ve taken my life back.  I’m in control now of my life and aging doesn’t look so scary anymore! In fact it’s looking extremely exciting.

If you’re reading this just know there is something out there that really works.  You too can take control of your life and start living the way you want to live. Do something today.  Don’t take your health for granted.  There’s a saying that when it comes to your health, you’ll either pay now OR you’ll pay later.

Oh, and one more thing… also know that I am committed and will walk (figuratively) side by side with anyone who wants to take their life back and work on a healthier, stronger self.  Call me.  Let’s chat.