I’ve shared a lot of before and after testimonials and images on my Facebook page. And seriously so many people have really transformed their bodies and their life with good nutrition… But transformations aren’t just about weight loss or inches lost, or even reducing your BMI. While we probably all agree that’s very important, it’s much more than just those numbers. It’s about feeling healthy. From the inside out. It’s about feeling the best you can feel; even maybe feeling the best you’ve felt for as long as you can remember. Knowing you’re living full out physically, emotionally, and mentally can truly change your life.

But here’s the deal; It all starts with flooding your body with good nutrition. You simply will not achieve optimal health without great nutrition. Flood your body with GOOD nutrition and it will reward you for life… Seriously. No matter how much time you put in the gym, you cannot outrun bad food choices.

Healthy really is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise

Don’t get me wrong ~ exercise is important to your well being! Our bodies were made to move; and exercise is important for us stave off sarcopenia. However I’m reading more and more that just 30 minutes a day of good aerobics will keep us physically fit. But heading to a fast food joint for lunch will pack in more useless calories than that 30 minute walk could ever handle.

I believe that everybody deserves to know the truth about how we’ve addressed obesity and food related illnesses. I’m talking about knowing the fact that these issues aren’t caused by hereditary, but environmentally and lifestyle induced.  Listen to what Robyn O’Brien says in her TedEx talk.  Amazing what she uncovered in her thirst for the truth about our food industry!

It’s up to you. You are the only one that controls what you eat. And if you’re a MOM, you’re the one that’s controlling what your kids are eating too. Don’t get swallowed up with what food industry has forced down our throats for the last 3 decades.

If you’re having trouble, let’s chat. There is a safe, easy, and delicious way to get the nutrients that you need.  And I for one am really happy to have discovered this three years ago.