I’ve been thinking about something that might resonate with you. Why is it that I let outside events effect me? Something that I have no control over; but yet I let it control my mood?

So I’m going to change my attitude. I’m the only one thing that I really can control; I’ve learned that from my mentors who are a smarter than me.

How can I change my attitude? I need to reprogram my images and self talk that I send into my subconscious. I will learn to talk to myself like I would my best friend, or someone like that I love dearly. I need to become very clear on what it is exactly what I want in my life.

Here’s what I’m going to do; instead of just accepting that the week ahead is going to go like the week I just left behind, here’s what I’ve learned to do.

Sit down right now, and write out what you would like to happen in the next 7 days. Describe it thoroughly. Think about what events are coming up. How do you want that day to go? Feel the emotions that bubble up as you see yourself accomplishing it. Are there others that will be affected by your actions? Now think how you’ll feel after you intentionally create your week to come.the. Pretty cool isn’t it?

Try it. Pick something and be real – just one thing.

What if the only problem we really have is our attitude. I’m ready to make a change.
#ChangeMyAttitide 🎯 #IOnlyCanControlMe 🎯 #BeClearOnThisWeeksIntensions