Why do we follow a low-fat, sugar-free regime? Was it because of what somebody told us decades ago? What if theĀ info we were ‘fed’ was all wrong? There’s a new word hitting the rounds of health discussions these days; it’s called Diabesity.

Not hard to understand what that word means. All you have to do is look around. I’m sure you even know quit a few family members or friends who are 1. obese and 2. type II diabetics.

I too was in both of those categories. My health care provider was really pressuring me to start on medication because I was on the onset of type 2 diabetes. That scared the crap out of me. Well that and also being labeled as morbidly obese.

So you can really imagine how glad, and grateful I am that someone took the time to tell me about some of the new, revolutionary teachings about weight control, eating theories, and old beliefs! But I didn’t stop there. I have immersed myself on learning more. I’m learning that the low-fat sugar free diets we were told is how we lose weight is being debunked. Many scientist and doctors are proving why that diet hasn’t and can’t work.

One doctor I’ve really learned a lot from is Dr. Jason Fung. Reading what he has to say about the ‘Fed and the Fasted State‘ made a lot of sense to me and it’s exactly what I share with others about nutritional cleaning.

Bottom line is what works for you? If you haven’t found something that does, and if you’re serious about doing, so let’s chat. I just might have a solution that will work for you.