What does a water workout do for me?

You know that those extra pounds aren’t healthy for you. You’ve heard so many times about calorie in- calorie out. But it’s so frustrating to even think about exercise when even walking hurts. It feels so dang hopeless… Who’s going to blame you for not being able to get outside and start an exercise program?
But what if there WAS a way that you could start exercising and it wouldn’t tear up your joints? What if you really could get on a healthier path to #HealthyAging???

Welcome to water therapy! Water Aerobics

If you are serious about wanting to take those first steps to better health, water therapy just might be the place to put those water shoes in…
Did you know that exercising in the water really does give us some extra advantages over our land movements? It’s in the buoyancy and resistance of the water.
You’ll find the buoyancy of the water will support your body weight and reduce the pressure on your joints. Then there’s the resistance; moving in the water requires your muscles to work harder; it’s more difficult than walking on land. Just remember to keep the water about chest level.
swimming laps
Regardless what your exercise level is, now you know that there is something out there for you!  Remember our goal to a healthier lifestyle and even better brain aging only takes a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate activity a week. That’s only 3 water aerobic classes a week! Whatever ‘floats your boat’ just take the plunge! 
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