We are sliding into the final weeks of 2015. And for a few of us, a pretty tough time to follow through with our commitment to stay on a healthier eating regime. Sprinkle in our efforts to make it a habit to #getitin and get to the gym, and we’re looking down the rabbit hole of uh-ohs.

But it needn’t be the catalyst to ditch the progress we’ve made. So I thought it might be helpful to have a discussion on just what will the next 38 days look like and how can we stay in control…

If you’re like me, holidays, special events, company, birthdays… they all meant one thing. I would over indulge. Which in and of itself wasn’t such a terrific event but it was the garbage that came with those days. I for one would let one ‘bad day’ infect an entire week or even month. Can you relate?

So what can we do?

First of all I believe if we develop the right mindset going into a special event (even the holidays) we can come out ahead.

What do I mean by mindset? It’s when you’re absolutely clear on what you want and why. Take a minute and write down exactly WHY you are choosing a healthier lifestyle. WHY are you creating the habit of exercise in your world for yourself? Once you have a strong WHY your focus switches to better choices to fulfill that WHY. My WHY is to not be ‘morbidly obese’. AND to stay out rehab nursing homes with deteriorating joints. I can call on my WHYS to help keep me motivated. Make yours strong.

So ok, you’re WHY is firmly in place and you’re looking forward to that wonderful party with family and friends. There are some things you can do to prepare…

Don’t go anywhere hungry. Period. Doing so only creates a vacuum inside that you will fill. And chances are you’ll fill it with empty calories. Instead, prepare a healthy snack or meal before going ~ one that’s filled with a good source of protein. That way you won’t grab those sugary or fattening snacks.

Next get rid of the guilt. Seriously, after all we are human. Life is just too short to keep beating ourselves up over an extra creme puff or dirty martini. Decide what ‘extras’ you’ll have and enjoy it. Give yourself permission to have something you have decided on having and really enjoy it, savor it, slowly. Then remember to bring out your WHY, and get back on your healthy way the next day.

I like to remind people that a healthy lifestyle is a journey. So making changes that you can live with long term is the most important decision of them all.

I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Remember, they are the reason to take care of yourself. They love you. So love yourself right back.