I woke this morning going over in my thoughts the events around me lately. Relationships have been tough, I lost a furbaby, even friends are down; the overall pitter-patter of sites and sounds seem a lot heavier than usual..
Then it dawned on me; sometimes you feel like you’re on top of the world ~ sometimes you feel like the world’s on top of you.
your world
When you’re on top of the world you’re taking it all in, you’re watching, you’re enjoying, you’re feeling peaceful.  It’s a good feeling but it’s not necessarily a growing time.  Happiness – it’s an easy feeling.  Even animals feel happy – you can tell by their body language.
Not so much on the other hand when you feel like the world’s on top of you. This is a time when you just don’t feel comfortable, even with yourself.  Things don’t go right, they don’t feel right, they don’t look right, they don’t turn out right.  We don’t understand how this all happened – from happiness to this ~ because we haven’t changed anything, yet all of a sudden it’s as if everything has changed around you.

This time is what I am beginning to understand is fertile time.This is the time when you are really opened to change. It’s when you finally take stock of just who and where  you are in your journey.  And when you stop, you listen and you look around. It’s a time to reassess what you’re doing right or what you’re doing wrong; what you can change and what you can’t change.

Both are equally important and good in our lives.  Here’s why; when you’re on top of the world you’re sharing, your taking joy to other people and you’re giving back into the universe positive energy

When you feel like the world is sitting on top of you it’s then the world is giving back to you.  The universe is giving you the knowledge it has, it’s opening your mind, opening your eyes. You will begin to see things different and feel things differently. It is a fertile time to grow

It’s at this time you’ll become more fully human like none other.  So when you feel like the world is on top of you ~ sit back, relax, smile. Because you my friend are about to grow!