The human body tries to keep itself at around an alkaline pH of 7 ~ numbers under 7 lean acidic & numbers above 7 lean alkaline (lower-acid or basic). But what we eat and the stresses of our daily living can wreak havoc with it being successful. So why should we care? One big reason is because it’s believed that diseases cannot thrive in an alkaline state. So striving for that healthy pH balance comes with some very serious health benefits!

Unfortunately most people don’t even think about their diet and lifestyles affecting their health until a major health scare hits them.  Know what I’m talking about? Maybe someone you know has had some serious health issue to face? I know I have, and so have people I love and care about. So why not be ahead of the game and get started on a path of preventive medicine before signs of imbalance hit you. The benefits are well worth it!

  • Better more restful sleep
  • more energy
  • slows down the aging process
  • glowing skin
  • more focused and alert – lift that brain fog!
  • lowers risk of cancer
  • helps release fat naturally
  • helps maintain healthy bones

One of those steps we can take is to start becoming aware of what you we put into our body. A diet high in protein (including milk, meat, whole grains) is acid-forming, so are refined foods; oils, sugars, soft drinks and simple starches. But fruits and vegetables on the other hand trend our bodies more toward pH alkaline. So it’s recommended that we need to get 8 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables a day to keep our body pH alkaline.

And it’s not just food that adds to keeping our pH balance.  Emotions trigger alkaline or acid states in our bodies too. Negative emotions such as anger, hate, and despair change our body chemistry to acidic; while happy, positive emotions move us towards pH alkaline. No wonder meditation has such a positive effect on folks.

It can be challenging to keep up with everything we need to do, nutrition wise, to stay on a healthy aging path.  But there are some pretty easy programs to follow to do just that for you.  Call me if you’d like to chat more.

To your health!