Well, we made it through 2015. How’d you do? Can you remember back a year ago today? Anticipating the arrival of 2015? I sure hope you were able to make the changes that were important to you 365 days ago…  Were you able to find your WHY? Did it motivate you all the way through the year to today?

For the first time in many, many years I was able to find a WHY that for me was stronger than anything else.  My WHY was I wanted to shed my obesity.  I wanted to get under 200 pounds, which seemed like a mountain.  I wanted to be able to look at myself in pictures and not turn my head away in shame, sometimes even hiding the tears that would swell up in my eyes.  I wanted to be able to find clothes on the normal size racks. Sound familiar?

But what I needed more than anything was to find a way that worked.  I was so tired of trying, honestly I was.  In the past, every time I would make some ground losing a few pounds, I’d lose the momentum before the weight. It had become a vicious circle in my world…But this year changed all that for me and for a few of my family and friends too.  We found nutritional cleansing.

2015I’m pleased with the progress that Lee and I made this year but now the real challenge is upon me. I’m very pleased with my weight loss so far this year BUT I’m not at my goal I have set for myself yet. So after enjoying a phenomenal year which included travel, visiting family and friends, even attending conferences and classes to study this new lifestyle I’ve been advocating, it’s time I put my mouth where my pen’s been.. so to speak.  I’m back to the goal at hand to get the rest of the 30 some pounds off…

Let me explain a tad about the program you’ll be embarking on with me if you so choose.  We’ll take our steps in 30 day increments.  That’s how the formulators and scientist have designed this revolutionary way of transforming our lives. We’ll put into our bodies nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, trace minerals, everything it needs to function properly.  The results will be two (or for some even three fold).  One, as our bodies receive the ‘fuel’ it needs we’ll start to feel energy come back.  Some of us will even lose the ‘fog’ that we felt we were destined to live in forever.  Secondly, we’ll cleanse our bodies of the toxins that we have accumulated through so many channels in our daily lives; the foods we put into our bodies, the drinks we’ve consumed, and even from our environment.

So let’s get started.  That is if you’re with me. First of all let me get one thing totally off the table (pun intended). When we talk about cleansing I don’t mean like a colon cleanse. It’s a cleansing on the cellular level of our bodies.  Because you see once you get rid of the toxins in your body there’s no place for the ‘fat’ to hide or anything for it to cling to, so it gets released. Yup just like that.

Is it simple? Yes it is.  Is it easy. No.  And that’s because I’m going to challenge your ingrained habits.  I’m going to ask you to stop over analyzing and just follow the program.  For just 30 days to start.  Then after that you can choose. Try it, you’ll never know unless you try.  Oh, and BTW, it’s 100% money back guaranteed all the way up to day 29. Seriously.

How’s it work? First of all for 26 of the 30 days on the program we will replace 2 of our meals with the most nutrient dense delicious shakes (or bars).  They are a complete meal ~ everything our body will need.  We’ll then chose our 3rd meal on shake days from good wholesome toxin free food.  I’ll walk you through every step of the way, looking at the food choices available, even nixing those that you may have ‘thought’ were ok.

Then 4 days (scattered throughout the 30) we abstain from solids, kind of like a modified fasting – giving our internal organs a chance to relax and function the way they are intended. They know how to get the toxins out of us… I’ve been reading more and more about interval fasting and the more I read the more I see the benefits and how it works.  Google it. You’ll read about how doctors are even having cancer patients fast before chemo/radiation treatments and much more.

Anyway back to us. These 4 days we will have an herbal drink that will keep our bodies functioning properly along with snacks and a couple chocolates (yes and they are delicious) throughout the day. Again, don’t over think it…

That’s it.  In about a week from starting, you’ll begin to feel a difference.  In the way your head clears, maybe in how you sleep… You’ll even start to feel ‘more room in your clothes’ as one of my cleansers says. In 30 days you’ll be pleasantly surprised at your results.

STOPTHINKwrite out yourWHYThere is one more thing I want to we need to talk about. We had a discussion before about writing down your WHY. Why do you want to embark on a healthier lifestyle in the years ahead? Have you taken time to sit down and REALLY think about that? What is it that motivates you to want to choose healthier foods and join that gym? If you haven’t written down your WHY

Stop and do it right now. Give me 5 SOLID reasons why you want to start winning the fat game.

Then let’s get you started.


**If you are in the Raleigh area we’ll have weekly meetings every Tuesday at 2 pm. It will be a great time for us to support each other and also learn more about the amazing science behind each and every one of the products available to us. We’ll chat more about it…